Freshness is Cumulative

Freshness is Cumulative

Risk Management, Shrink Reduction, and Brand Protection in the Era of FSMA

FDA’s Final Rule on Sanitary Transport of Human and Animal Food requires stakeholders to implement and document a program ensuring the safe transport of food within the United States. The Rule in many aspects is vague and open to different interpretations. However, one thing is clear. If there is a food safety incident the following will most likely be required:

• Proof that vehicles used in the transport did not allow food to become unsafe

• Written procedures of the company’s food transport safety program

• Verification employees were adequately trained on proper safe pre-cooling and transport procedures

• Proof product was transported under safe temperature conditions

Instead of reacting to a food safety transport incident, Emerson Cargo Solutions recommends a proactive approach-one that mitigates risks, reduces shrink, protects your brand, and modernizes your supply chain. First, recognize freshness is cumulative. The perishable supply chain is complicated, with many handoff points. If temperature abuse occurs in any segment, food quality and safety can be compromised, shrink occurs, and your brand may suffer. Second, recognize technology has advanced significantly whereby automated temperature monitoring records can be generated in both real and near-real-time with no human intervention. It is time to leverage these technological advances and modernize your program.

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