Zenith Optiks Camera

Zenith Optiks Fever Screening System

A fast and simple way to detect body temperatures. The Zenith Optiks AI thermal temperature detection camera will harmlessly and efficiently monitor your staff or visitors as they come and go from your facility or building.

The camera has easy-to-use software, leaving you stress-free while the camera is capturing temperature measurements, core body temperature, and other important data. This thermal camera device is easily installed in border terminals, restaurants, public buildings, public transport terminals, offices, hospitals, universities, and manufacturing places of work to make temperature screening easy.

The Zenith Optiks camera offers unique technologies

Powerful AI Chipset

Fast detection of 0.3 seconds

Auto Forehead Identification

High accuracy of forehead identification

Powerful AI Algorithms

Zenith Optiks have a long detection range from 0.3m to 1.2m

Human Detection

Identify people coming into your workspace or building with and without masks

Benefits of Zenith Optiks

Zenith Optiks is suitable for public transport, ride-sharing, passenger ferries, and businesses where compliance to COVID-19 protocols must be recorded. More industries include:

– Public buses 

– Trains

– Fishing Boats

– Delivery Trucks

Not only is it suitable for mobile situations, but, also suitable for fixed deployment options such as construction, manufacturing, factory workers, food processing, and healthcare. 

The Zenith Optiks fever screening system is perfect for measuring, tracking, and storing temperature information of staff, to ensure safety and to guarantee COVID-19-free practices for export goods.

Software System

The Zenith Optik camera offers a simple software system that allows you to manage devices by searching adding and modifying parameters on devices. It also allows you to import staff lists to manage staff and export data such as staff attendance and records.

Flexible deployment for multiple buildings

Our Zenith Optiks device offers remote control via the public and private cloud with abundant third-party integration options (please supply some examples here).

Easy Installation Options

Pedestal Mount

Pedestal mount allows you to mount the device on a base such as a desk or counter.

Wall Mount

Mount on any wall at your desired location and height.

Pole Mount

Pole mount options come in 0.55m, 1.1m and 1.1m with an LED strip

Additional Information/FAQs:

The Zenith Optiks camera can take one image every second. That is up to 50,000 images offline (standalone)

Yes, this camera can work as a standalone in a temporary venue and can be powered off a battery if required. This camera runs on very low power requirements at 12v.

There are 3 standard types of mounts - pedestal mount, wall mount, and pole mount.

There are several ways to manage an alert. These include:

  • An indication on the screen and a verbal warning
  • An option to escalate to an email message to HR or a receptionist
  • Option to decline access to the building if the building has a keypad entry, magnetic lock, or an intercom door

The device has a 7-inch touch screen

It’s designed to be a plugin but there is an option to install a battery or solar.

Getting the data from the camera to a device is as simple as using Wi-Fi connectivity or a cable.

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