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As a food business or an exporter of food and perishable goods, it is important to be aware of Food Safety New Zealand.

What is food safety and why is it important?

Food Safety is making sure that food is safely stored and exported in a way that ensures that the food is safe to eat and any harmful bacteria or viruses don’t make people ill. Food safety practice is important to all food export businesses to safeguard and ensure the food they provide is fresh and safe for consumers. At Precision Monitoring, we offer the latest technology to provide complete temperature monitoring solutions to ensure that your food is monitored the entire time it is outside of your direct control.

Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements outline necessary conditions to comply with to ensure potentially hazardous foods are kept at specified temperatures.

Which foods are potentially hazardous?

Optimum Freshness Period

Increase Fruit & vegetable Shelf Life

Decay Control

Environment monitoring during transport

Reduce Food Wastage

Product condition monitoring

When must food be kept under temperature control?

Potentially hazardous food must be received, displayed, transported, or stored at either 5 degrees Celsius or colder, or at 60 degrees Celsius or hotter.

If you transport food-related products for human consumption in NZ you need to comply with either the Food Act 2014 or Animal Products Act (under a Risk Management Programme).

If food is not kept under temperature control during the cold chain it could hit the temperature danger zone, which is between 5 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees celsius, this can cause food-poisoning bacteria to multiply and become harmful to consumers.

How can the right temperature control improve the shelf life of fresh produce?

We can help you not only keep your food safe but also improve its shelf life. Temperature monitoring is crucial to shelf-life and it plays a major role in extending shelf-life. Lowering the temperature will extend your fresh produce shelf-life which allows you to extend your products’ expiry date, which results in reduced wastage of your perishable products. If food products experience temperature issues during the export process the shelf life can decrease dramatically. It is important to monitor your perishable goods with our Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers or Real-time Location and Temperature Monitoring Devices to ensure you are providing fresh and safe food to your customers.

HACCP - How we can help you stay compliant with HACCP
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This is an internationally recognised term within the food industry. It helps manage and identify food safety and food dangers & hazards. HACCP can be used right through from production to consumption. At Precision Monitoring, we can help you stay compliant with HACCP by reducing the risk of harmful bacteria or viruses in your perishable goods by supplying you with leading temperature monitoring technology. Our temperature monitoring devices allow you to get in front of issues at the destination before they even arise.
How to be in control of your food safety?

At Precision Monitoring, we offer exclusive Emerson products that help food businesses monitor perishable goods during the transport and export processes.

Our products include:

Real-time location and temperature monitoring

Emerson Real-time location and temperature monitoring devices allow you to receive and monitor critical alerts and updates on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Temperature and humidity data loggers

With our Emerson temperature and humidity data loggers, you will be able to record measurements across the globe allowing you to monitor your perishable goods when they are outside of your direct control.

Wireless systems

Emerson wireless systems offer 24/7 temperature monitoring allowing you to keep important records for audits leaving you and your staff with less worry and more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Cold chain visibility

At Precision Monitoring, our software and data analytics helps our customers protect, monitor, and track perishable shipments.

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