Cold Chain Monitoring and Tracking Solutions

Monitor perishables throughout the cold chain with temperature tracking, location visibility, and data analytics.

About Us

Precision Monitoring brings local knowledge to the forefront of Cargo Monitoring Solutions. From PDF temperature loggers and Humidity Loggers to Real-time Trackers we have the capability to monitor your shipments; Temperature, Humidity, Location, Light, Shock, Security, and CO2.

We Provide complete temperature monitoring

We help New Zealand companies ensure only the freshest and safest foods reach their consumers. By utilizing the latest technologies – coupled with our cold chain expertise – Precision Monitoring provide complete temperature monitoring solutions for our customers. We place data at your fingertips to make food quality and safety decisions easier and faster. 

best quality from harvest to consumer

Helping New Zealand provide the best quality from harvest to the consumer both locally and globally.

maximum freshness

Verifying the cold chain to ensure maximum freshness.

correct level of care

We know how much care you put into your products; we help ensure third parties maintain the correct level of care.

no break in the cold-chain

Freshness is cumulative, it's ensuring there is no break in the cold chain from harvest through to delivery.

Cold chain temperature monitoring industries









Kiwi Fruit




L&B Taspac

“New Zealand Rock Lobster Exporter Utilizes an Efficient Solution to verify the Cold Chain”

In-Transit Monitoring for Import/Export

New Zealand has a reputation for exporting the best quality food in the world. Monitoring your product while in transit verifies the cold chain and validates your claim of freshness.

Make Informed Cold Chain Monitoring Decisions

Our range of products provides the actionable data you need to streamline your supply chain, maximize perishable freshness, and make critical business decisions.

In-Transit Monitoring for 3PL and Logistics Providers

Real-time visibility into your shipment temperature, location, and security allows you to offer best-in-class service to your customers.

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