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Go real-time trackers prevent quality meltdown

Founded in 2012, Beyond Better Foods manufactures ice cream and snack products that are both delicious and nutritious. The company’s Enlightened brand is a line of low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sugar ice cream products targeted at health-conscious consumers. At any given time, 50 loads of Enlightened ice cream — roughly two million pints — are in transit from the company’s headquarters in New York City to major retailers across the U.S.

Enlightened is more temperature-sensitive than standard ice cream, making temperature controls particularly crucial for ensuring a positive customer experience.

“The peace of mind that we’ve gained has been an actual, tangible benefit,” said Kung. “Because we receive a flag any time there is a problem or a potential issue with temperature fluctuations, we can quickly assess and tackle it. That’s definitely worth the money spent.”

Before initiating the cargo tracking program with Emerson, customer complaints about product integrity exposed below-par shipping conditions after the fact. But with Emerson Cargo Solutions’ GO Real-Time Trackers and Oversight portal, the company can get a jump on potential quality issues before products ever reach consumers.

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